Madeline K. Sullivan

I'm Madeline K. Sullivan and I'm an English Major with a Professional Writing minor. I'm trained to write for publication, conduct interviews, and help people with their writing.

Commencement Speech

Some people think that your twenties are the most formative years of your life. An individual could presume they have their career path all set out for them based on the educational choices they have made or having the family background to inherit a trade or profession. But in a moment’s notice life can push you, shake you, and even beat you into a different career. Illness of you or a family member (or an entire society even), injury, family crisis, and other trying events can transform how you see the world and how you approach it.

Classic English Paper: Hamlet

Everyone’s grief in life is experienced individually. There is no single way to deal with a lost loved one, but we are all human. Because of this, some of our experiences are similar and are able to be studied. A common way of understanding how we go through this trauma is the five stages of grief. “The five stages, denial [or isolation], anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling” (Ross and Kessler).

Public Hearing Report

Acting Ambassador of Ukraine William Taylor, a Vietnam veteran and former State Department official, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State testified today in front of House Intelligence Committee to contribute to the impeachment hearings against President Donald J. Trump. After about six hours of questioning from Democrats and Republicans, there was some new information. Some thought the hearings would be just a live version of the testimonies given in private.

How Local Meat Cutter Makes a Difference with His Kindness

Alex Day, an assistant meat cutter at Riverside Hannaford in Portland Maine was talking to a flustered old woman. She was very distraught about her dogs not being able to chew up the marrow bones on the shelf because they were just too big. Many in his position would just kindly nod at her and apologize till she walked off. But the genuine concern look on his face turned to action as he ran into his “office” the meat department. He disappeared for a few moments and then suddenly returned with a smaller cut-up version of the bones.

Legal Notice Assignment

The stories from this publication could vary but it would involve finding out what Cutler did to have his custody rights taken away from his child. I did a thorough search on this guy and he didn’t make any headlines. He also wasn’t in the Maine Sex Offender Registry so I don’t think the hearing was about sexual assault. So it could be assumed that Mr. Cutler might have committed emotional or physical abuse to the child or severely neglected the child.

Multimodal Analytical Paper

"Ellis' video format allows her to make compelling arguments in a more accessible way. Throughout the video essay she shows examples from the work by playing short clips she finds compelling to her argument. Minute 2:45 of the video Ellis wants to clarify the movie wasn’t that bad all things considered (Ellis). She shows a notably funny clip from the movie that speaks to that. This is just one example of the multimodal format, specifically visual mode (Ball et al 6). She informs the reader that the movie has some quality aspects then transitions to her thesis being “The parts of the movie outweigh the work as a whole” (Ellis 4:10). "